I have been lax at keeping the blog posts going. I suppose I’d rather be doing than talking about doing. Things are a little less busy at work, so I ought to get back into this. It’s a while since I visited the Basquiat exhibition at the Barbican which I was going to write about. I decided not to because I wasn’t much impressed. But then, I’m not wild about his work anyway, it all feels a bit emperor’s new clothes to me. I only went because it’s free to the art gallery with a Barbican membership – a Christmas gift I’ve used more enthusiastically to see films at a discount.

I’ve had a few enquiries about Spoonflower through this site and I realise it’s because I added a link to here from there, and perhaps it’s tricky to locate the contact form on Spoonflower itself. Well as long as you reach me, it’s all good.

I have a tonne of proofing swatches I didn’t know what to do with, and made a wall art thingy with them. It’s an improvement on the various layers of paintings the panel has worn over the years. I wonder if I could strip back the layers when I get bored with it and show its previous forms like geological strata. In what I hope will prove a decent segue, this may be foreshadowing my next pattern design …


Challenge set, challenge met

After deciding I should create a cohesive collection, I think I’ve achieved it with this lot. The brief was to create a pattern under the title ‘Centre Stage’, being a theatrical theme, thinking ‘under the spotlight’ and so on. I had the velvety red curtain in mind, as well as a literal star as my focal point. The lead design in this (the busiest one) contains most of the elements which I’ve then leaked out into more than a dozen coordinates. Spots and stripes are represented, along with a garish floral, a loose tartan, and some bold geometrics. I could go even further with this but the colour scheme started to wear me out. I might revisit this later in calmer blue tones and add some curvier shapes.

Marketing assistance

4AF48703-695F-4A47-B81C-08E5A4E6712B.jpegSpoonflower have another 2-for1 deal on fat quarters, and have featured my botanical Block Print design in a small selection of promoted designs. It will be interesting to see if this has an impact on sales in the coming week. Have a look in my shop for a bargain!


This week’s Spoonflower contest has been fun, and I got carried away creating different designs. With a set colour palette to adhere to, and a theme of ‘Winter Mod’, I’ve summoned up a 60s vibe, have 6 possibilities, and can’t decide which! There are 3 ogee baubles, 2 abstract lights, and one Miro-inspired jumble of illustrations. What one wins?

The Point

This week’s competition topic at Spoonflower is simply ‘Pointillism’. I went for a punny approach – you can see all the entries and vote for any you like here.


Kawaii Sushi Top 25

I was voted 18th out of 197 entries in this week’s Spoonflower contest. I was surprised by my design’s popularity as I was up against some strong competition and this is not a style I’d normally choose to work in. I think the brush pen from Japan I used (a gift from my husband’s boss) must have imparted some Kawaii quality! There’s usually an interesting result when I’m taken out of my comfort zone.