My pattern repeats are smoother than my segues from one blog post to the next, but I never claimed to be editorially expert, so …

For the recent ‘geology‘ challenge I was going to do strata as stripes but it seemed a few others had the same idea so I ditched it (although I might go back to that at some point). I’d intended to build a cohesive collection but then I discovered Grut Brushes and was monumentally distracted by playing with them all.

Best $20 ever spent on any Photoshop add-on! The brushes have excellent flow and variety, and I have no complaints – except that the PDF list (just for CS6 users; CC subscribers are able to use a preview plugin) has really tiny labels. I made a more readable version which you are welcome to use: grut brushes guide.

The next Spoonflower challenge was ‘endangered species‘ so I finally got on with creating a collection for that instead. It’s no mean feat: achieving variety of scale, value and colour; open and closed ground; lead designs and supporting designs – without losing a sense of cohesion. I don’t yet think I’ve mastered it but I’m on the right path now.

coordinates for wordpress


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