I recommend

I’ve been a bit quiet because I was on holiday in Sicily. There is so much graffiti in Catania – arty pieces, political slogans, tags, messages of love, expressions of ire, and plenty I couldn’t decipher. With the peeling paintwork of predominantly baroque architecture there’s a scruffy charm I ought to have photographed. But I was busy eating too much and drinking plenty of cheap delicious wine.

In the absence of a decent visual record of my time away, Here’s a somewhat unrelated link to Unsplash which is a great resource of free-to-use photos that don’t all look stock library ish. Be sure to give credit with any use – we wouldn’t want to lose willing contributions from talent deserving of recognition.

Oh, also! In Sicily we saw a fab Escher exhibition which is on until Nov 5 if you get a chance to see it. Here’s my son looking cool on cue.AE579167-95F5-4861-8765-3FED37F88BD8

2 thoughts on “I recommend

  1. Sicily sounds lovely. I think we saw the same Escher exhibition a few years ago, but in Rome. I have several fairly badly-taken photos of us in a hall of mirrors with white hanging birds – is that familiar?


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