This week’s Spoonflower contest has been fun, and I got carried away creating different designs. With a set colour palette to adhere to, and a theme of ‘Winter Mod’, I’ve summoned up a 60s vibe, have 6 possibilities, and can’t decide which! There are 3 ogee baubles, 2 abstract lights, and one Miro-inspired jumble of illustrations. What one wins?

6 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. Difficult. The baubles don’t seem exactingly geometric enough for mods (in the way that Paisley often is). I’ll go out on a limb and vote for abstract lights-1. In a circular form it would make a good stylised tax disc for a scooter.


  2. Thanks Dave. I originally liked this best, and now has two votes, but the one Scarlett likes best is very attention grabbing so I had begun (before he offered his opinion) to lean towards this more. I am no closer to knowing which one to enter in the comp!


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