Endless variations

What I really enjoy, once I’ve completed a design, is trying out numerous styles of repeat, and loads of different colour ways. I can lose hours in umpteen permutations. It might not be the most economical use of my time, but it’s therapeutic and I chalk it up as a chance for my subconscious to work through new ideas.

The next two weeks’ tea towel contests at Spoonflower have led to some repeat pattern coordinates I’m quite pleased with. The pattern types include a toss, half-drop, dot, and stripe.*

Instead of habitually applying a single illustrative element to multiple arrangements, I want to apply more effort to generating strong sets of coordinates: a complex lead design supported by significantly different patterns – (e.g. ditsy/bold abstract/spot/stripe) at contrasting scales and with a connected palette.


*If you clicked through from Twitter, this is a slider of a dozen images (not immediately obvious).

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